Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Anything Goes Purple and Orange with Lacy Sunshine!

Hello Everyone, Rene here!

My chance to challenge you this week!
I've decided to throw in a little twist, a colour challenge.
The colours that I've chosen are my 2 of my favourites:  Purple and Orange.
Today, we are mixing the 2! And did we have fun!

Here are the colours you can use:
(created using

You can use any shade of orange and any shade of purple.
You can mix it with neutrals, like black, white, kraft & cream in any amount.
Silver & gold & copper can also be used.
Other colours? If you have to, but only one other colour in a very small amount.
Your image can be coloured as you like if it is a human or doll or similar.
Only creations following the challenge and rules will be eligible for the prize & spotlight.
And you can create anything, as long as there is purple and orange somewhere!
Most important, have fun!
Oh, do visit our Facebook Page where we'll add some more creations during the week.

 A special welcome and thank you to our sponsor this week!

Here is what the team did with the fabulous images from our sponsor Lacy Sunshine:
Maureen using Myra Mains

Doris using Candi Corn Sticky Wings

Sharon using Elenor and the Mad Scientist

Julia using Bubbles Halloween

Now it's up to you. We cannot wait to see what you create!


  1. Hello at all.. I'm so Sorry for this stupid question but it's my First challenge and how can i link it back in my side! Thanks a lot

    1. Hallo Karina
      You copy our link : and put that in your blog post.

      Go to help function in Blogger - the little wheel on the dashboard - there you pick 'Posting and Editing' - another list comes up where you pick:
      'link to other websites'. It explains how you put our link in your post!

      We are so excited that you picked us for your first challenge.
      So glad you asked!!
      Please ask again if you are still stuck!!
      Hugs, Rene

    2. Thank you so much. I Hope it works now.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. All is correct now!! Well done!